Aunt ūüíéūüźúūüíé Season

(Niece 2…….The Graduate)

Short Story

Ny, a super layed back girl who made the deans list every month…with a 4.2 GPA. She is one of the sweetest young women that I’ve been Blessed to be an Aunty to. She is headed to college to live her dreams and overcome the real world. Lot’s of prayer.

Ana’Mau (Grandmother in Yuman language), with her first Grandbaby, at her graduation party. ‚̧‚̧‚̧‚̧‚̧ Family Time!!!!!!

Heart Lessons ( day 1)

1.) Love deeply but retreat to revive, when necessary…but not for to long. We live on borrowed time.

2.) Souls matter

3.) Give your all…but expect nothing. Jesus gave His life for all, knowing that some of the very ones he died for, would not choose Him. He still pressed forward….true love.

4.) Peculiarity is GREAT!

5.) Be slow to anger and being offended….HOWEVER, take good care of yourself and no when to politely close doors.

6.) “They” will always try to get a hold of you when you are on a path of Blessing. Pray for “them”, but don’t look back. Let Lot’s wife be your example.

7.) Love….is meaningless without action.

8.) Romance has nothing to do with real love. 

9.) Being alone does not mean one is lonely. Having the capability to personally grow without the need of an entourage…and enjoy that alone time, is an extreme Blessing.

10.) Esteem others more than yourself. (Philippians 2:3)

11.) Falling in love with Jesus has been my priority…..doing in life, what brings Him honor. 

Good bye “Taco Tuesday”…Hello “FAITH” :D

I  had  way  too  many  sugary  coffee  drinks  today.

I¬† ran¬† out¬† of¬† Apple¬† Cider¬† Vinegar…Which¬† means¬† my¬† cardio¬† game¬† has¬† to¬† be¬† on¬† point….


I¬† had¬† to¬† cancel¬† TACO¬† TUESDAY,¬† which¬† would¬† have¬† undone¬† all¬† of¬† my¬† hard work¬† in¬† exercising¬† anyhow…..a¬† chance¬† that¬† I was¬† willing¬† to¬† take. ūüėÄ

taco 2

taco 1

I¬† had¬† a¬† long¬† day¬† today,¬† and¬† through¬† out¬† my¬† day¬† I¬† had¬† to call¬† on¬† Jesus.¬† At¬† one¬† point¬† I¬† let¬† the¬† tears¬† flow¬† for¬† a¬† minute.¬† Nothing¬† went¬† my¬† way¬† as¬† planned,¬† which¬† is¬† why¬† I¬† often¬† leave¬† room¬† for¬† “change”¬† when¬† I¬† do¬† plan.¬† Life¬† is¬† funny¬† that¬† way.¬† I¬† could¬† not¬† feel¬† down¬† for¬† too¬† long,¬† because¬† I¬† know¬† that¬† God¬† is¬† in¬† control.¬† So¬† His¬† promises¬† made¬† to¬† me¬† uplifted¬† my¬† soul.¬† Whenever¬† I¬† pray,¬† I¬† always¬† ask¬† the¬† Lord¬† for¬† wisdom¬† and¬† knowledge.¬† We¬† can¬† fall¬† into¬† the¬† habit¬† of¬† seeking¬† his¬† hand¬† before¬† we¬† seek¬† his¬† face…expecting¬† Him¬† to¬† always;¬† give…give…give.¬† We¬† have¬† to¬† learn¬† to¬† listen¬† to¬† Jesus. What¬† is¬† He¬† instructing¬† us to¬† do¬† when¬† we¬† pray?¬† Prayer¬† is¬† not just¬† about¬† “us”¬† talking¬† to¬† Him,¬† we¬† also¬† have¬† to¬† listen.¬† That¬† is¬† what¬† communication¬† is.

God¬† has¬† been¬† telling¬† me¬† that¬† effective¬† prayer¬† has¬† nothing¬† to¬† do¬† with¬† us¬† using¬† big¬† words¬† when¬† we¬† pray,¬† or¬† praying¬† in¬† a¬† sort¬† of¬† robotic¬† formation.¬† It¬† is¬† literally¬† quoting¬† the¬† word¬† of¬† God¬† in¬† our¬† prayers.¬† There¬† are¬† promises¬† of¬† Blessings¬† that¬† the¬† Lord¬† has¬† made¬† to¬† us,¬† protection,¬† breaking¬† of¬† generational¬† curses,¬† within¬† the¬† scripture,¬† and¬† so¬† much¬† more¬† concerning¬† our¬† day¬† to¬† day¬† lives,¬† that,¬† when¬† we¬† speak¬† the¬† word¬† in¬† our¬† prayers¬† out¬† loud,¬† something¬† begins¬† to¬† happen…something¬† powerful.¬† We¬† are¬† reconfirming¬† His¬† promises.¬† Jesus¬† begins¬† to¬† move¬† on¬† our¬† behalf.¬† This¬† is¬† why¬† it¬† is¬† so¬† important¬† to¬† be¬† saved,¬† to¬† know¬† and¬† understand¬† the¬† scriptures,¬† and¬† keep¬† the¬† scriptures¬† in¬† our¬† hearts¬† so¬† that¬† whatever¬† we¬† are¬† facing¬† in¬† life…we¬† can¬† refer¬† back¬† to¬† the¬† Bible,¬† and¬† speak¬† the¬† word¬† of¬† God¬† into¬† our¬† situation.

Keep¬† God’s¬† word¬† close¬† to¬† your¬† heart

(Proverbs 6:21-22) “Bind¬† them¬† continually¬† upon¬† thine¬† heart,¬† and¬† tie¬† them¬† about¬† thy¬† neck, 22) When¬† thou¬† goest,¬† it¬† shall¬† lead¬† thee;¬† when¬† thou¬† sleepest,¬† it¬† shall¬† keep¬† thee;¬† and¬† when¬† thou¬† awakest,¬† it¬† shall¬† talk¬† with¬† thee.”

Watch¬† how¬† your¬† life…your¬† day….your¬† attitude¬† towards¬† both,¬† change. You¬† will¬† begin¬† to¬† see¬† miracles¬† happen¬† and¬† your¬† prayers¬† being¬† answered¬† in¬† a¬† way¬† where¬† your¬† life¬† is¬† fulfilled…when¬† you¬† begin¬† to¬† quote¬† the¬† scriptures¬† out¬† loud.¬† God’s¬† word¬† cannot¬† return¬† to¬† him¬† <void>.¬† Meaning,¬† if¬† He¬† says¬† so,¬† according¬† to¬† His¬† will¬† and¬† scriptures….He¬† must¬† perform¬† it¬† and¬† carry¬† out¬† His¬† word,¬† because¬† He¬† is¬† not¬† a¬† liar.

(Isaiah 55:11) So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

I¬† had¬† the¬† Blessing¬† of¬† talking¬† to¬† my¬† Mom¬† through¬† out¬† my¬† day,¬† and¬† I¬† said¬† to¬† her, I¬† did¬† everything¬† that¬† I¬† could…Jesus¬† has¬† to¬† give¬† the¬† increase.¬† She¬† said¬† to¬† me;¬† “Well¬† He¬† does¬† not¬† have¬† to,¬† but¬† He¬† will.”¬† I¬† said,¬† “No,¬† Mom…He¬† has¬† to.¬† He¬† said¬† that¬† He¬† would.”¬† We¬† are¬† trained¬† to¬† fear¬† the¬† Lord¬† in¬† the¬† wrong¬† sort¬† of¬† way…not¬† fear¬† as¬† in¬† reverence,¬† but¬† fear¬† as¬† in,¬† fearing¬† what¬† we¬† say¬† and¬† how¬† we¬† say¬† it.¬† As¬† I¬† grow¬† in¬† Christ,¬† I¬† am¬† learning¬† the¬† true¬† meaning¬† of¬† the¬† scripture¬† that¬† states;¬† “My¬† people¬† are¬† destroyed¬† for¬† lack¬† of¬† knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6)¬† Jesus¬† desires¬† for¬† us¬† to¬† know¬† Him¬† so¬† well,¬† that¬† we¬† have¬† the¬† certainty¬† in¬† our¬† own¬† hearts¬† that¬† if¬† He¬† said¬† it…so¬† it¬† shall¬† be,¬† and¬† no¬† one¬† can¬† tell¬† us¬† differently.

There¬† is¬† a¬† trust¬† that¬† goes¬† along¬† with¬† stating¬† to¬† someone:¬† “Yes!¬† He¬† HAS¬† to¬† do¬† it!”¬† It¬† is¬† like¬† our¬† children¬† reminding¬† us¬† of¬† promises¬† that¬† we made¬† to¬† them.¬† Their¬† hearts¬† are¬† so¬† filled¬† with¬† the¬† certainty¬† and¬† assurance¬† that¬† Mom¬† and¬† Dad¬† will¬† do¬† what¬† they¬† said¬† they¬† will¬† do.¬† The¬† only¬† difference¬† is,¬† which¬† is¬† a¬† huge¬† difference,¬† is¬† that¬† we¬† often¬† fail¬† and¬† fall¬† short¬† of¬† the¬† promises¬† that¬† we¬† make.¬† We¬† don’t¬† always¬† keep¬† them.¬† We¬† then¬† turn¬† into¬† liars. With¬† every promise¬† broken,¬† our¬† children¬† LEARN¬† to¬† not¬† trust¬† us.¬† I¬† can’t¬† imagine¬† my¬† Heavenly¬† Father¬† losing¬† my¬† trust.¬† He¬† does¬† not¬† want¬† us¬† to¬† either.

(Proverbs 3:5-6) ”¬† Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.¬† In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

In  our  obedience  to  Him  in  studying  His  word,  we  find  healing,  peace,  love,  faith, Blessings,  joy,  fulfillment,  answers  to  our  prayers,  direction,  etc.

Life¬† may¬† not¬† go¬† YOUR¬† way,¬† but¬† it¬† can¬† go¬† GOD’S¬† way….and¬† His¬† way¬† is¬† better¬† than¬† ours.

Confessions of a Writer: No perfect parent

My parenting was nonchalant today.

I woke up with a sore body and a full list of things to do. My son had gymnastics…and I did not take him. We were supposed to go to the park, and we did not go. I was supposed to clean my house…but that sat on the dusty shelf. Instead…my 8 year old cuddled with me and played “Roblox” before I got out of bed entirely. He ate cereal and watched cartoons. We went grocery shopping. We came home….watched the sun and the clouds through the living room window, he played games, while I made lunch. I fussed with his Dad over an exhausting phone call. Then I wrote. I added to my book after talking to Jesus for a minute….and I was so happy with what I produced.

My refusal to live by an expected schedule today, gave me peace. My son was happy. I was happy. Our home was peaceful and not rushed. We took our time and just savored an unscheduled day.

¬†New Yorka at ‚̧¬†

My Mom and I sat and had a real conversation. She told me if it weren’t for her Mom and Dad moving her and her siblings out of New York…she would have probably been dead. She retold her stories of the project wars, the strung out druggies and alcoholics blanketing the stairways and hallway floors in her apartment building…even her unsavory peer connections. I learned from my Momma, how to carry a blade in my mouth, never with the intention of me doing it, but that was a part of her survival and a part of her story. Dealing with a lot of bullying, she resorted to what she knew and was taught in her world, as self-defense. Her greatest lesson was respect and self-respect. Growing up in New York she learned how to respect others…the addicts, the bodega workers, the church mothers, the Puerto Ricans, the Jews, the blacks, whites, in betweens, etc. All in such contrast of one another…but human beings none the less. She understood too well, what bullying does to people and also how self-respect and defense keeps the oppressor in line. She was quiet, yet could become a weapon towards her enemies within moments. Her attitude in life is the same, where she is now. She has a gentleness about her because she is a Mother and Grandma, but she owns every sittuation that she walks into. I am my Mother’s daughter.