Dense Worms

I was of use

When you were down.

When your head 

Hung low

I hung my crown.

I let you speak

Until your heart

Was soothed…

A million words

Passed by…

My patience


If you knew

How I was

And how 

I would be…

Why would you

Take my time

From me?

I have a 

Big heart ❤

And that’s what

You liked…

It made you

Feel safe

But that was

My plight.

A big heart

Is not

What you needed

Short term…

But a woman

Whose soul

Was as 

Dense as a Worm.

I don’t always have feelings ( for the tired single full-time parent)

It’s funny how I’m looked at like the one who cares the most…

Because I care full time for another life, and about this child, I boast.

Ilogical foolishness causes me to be alone ….

Cuz there are just some things one should know when they’re grown…LIKE–

She is probably a tired parent, who’s sick of always being on call.

She  probably can’t wait to get away from half of yall.

She home school’s her kid….why would she want to watch yours?

But when she needs an ear to listen, she hears the sounds of closed doors.

 Schooling my child does not mean I love everyone else’s…

In fact the greatest birth control is watching all of your stresses.

At the end of my day, when I’ve closed every book…

Taught every syllable,

Read every scripture,

Tucked in my muse….

I don’t care about you, more than I care about myself. 

No one else will make my sun shine and my moon glow, but God.

Only my eyes will be wide awake enjoying the splendor while you sleep your carefree sleep…

No rent  and few bills to pay, no mouths to feed, no interupted starts to your day.

Every other weekend is not the same to me…

all I hear is 7 days to plan your break, 

And be entirely kid free.

My eyes stay hollow, and my mind runs in a loop.

I need to find the breaker box to shut down my own noise.

Why do you think I care about your feelings…when even by my own hands,  I am often neglected. 

There is only room in my saftey boat for two…

Like the safe boats of the “Titanic” that means many can fit on, but it won’t be you. 

Find a floating plank. 

You might make it.

Unless on my way to the shore, I lose a paddle….

I may take it.

(I really do love kids….just not all the time. 😀)