Plantains(platanos), like the banana, are a part of the “Musaceae” family. As you can see, the two riper brothers are jealous of their younger more popular brother. He has a luscious head of hair. These guys are the full package! They are packed with vitamin A, vitamin B6, more potassium than the dessert banana, riboflavin, folate, magnesium, and phosphorus…just to name a few. No need to “swipe left”. The only thing crazy about these guys is how versitle they are. They are good boiled and mashed…seasoned with onion garnishing. They can be turned into chips. They can be sliced and fried. They’re winners for the whole family. Enjoy! 

BrainERCISE: “Silly stuff people do/say, close to Valentines day!”

This  is  the  time  when  lovers  get  so  annoying.

“Well  it  wouldn’t  be  annoying  if  you  had  a  lover.”:D No  lover,  lover….around  Valentines,  It’s  all  relative.  I’d  rather  not  be  showered  with  “love”,  on  such  a  superficial  day.  We  can  treat  it  like  a  snow  day….stay  shut  in. So  here  is  an  ode  to  TRUE  love:

1.)  “Christian Grey  is  SO  hot!!!!”

christian-grey Is  Heeee?

I  have  never  seen  the  first  “50  shades  of  grey”,  never  read  the  book and  don’t  plan  on  doing  either,  but  from  what  I  know  of  his  character, he  is  a  certified…  narcissistic  sociopath.  He  is  a  character!  You  ladies  are  attracted  to  a  dysfunctional  *fictional  character?  I  guess  all  of  your  feminist  arguments  got  tossed  right  out  of  the  window  with this  one.  😀  To  all  women,  you  will  find  yourselves  miserable  when  you  place  fictional  standards  of  relationship  “goals”,  on  your  lives  and  over  any  great  man  that  comes  into  your  life.  Movie  or  no  movie,  Mental  illness  romanticized  through  our  current  culture,  should  concern  you,  rather  than  turn  you  on.

2.)  “I  will  walk  to  the  ends  of  the  earth  for  you!”


I  WOULDN’T!  See  the  guy  above,  being  held?  That  would  be  me  several  miles  into  the  walk.  For  one,  I  am  barely  5’4…I  just  made  it,  and  I  have  short  legs. I  know  it’s  just  a  metaphor,  but  I  love  to  say  what  I mean  when  I  express  my  feelings. I  don’t  like  to  leave  room  for  guessing.  So  let’s  make  this  expression  more  realistic:

a.)  I  will  stay  awake  and  watch  every  quarter  of  that  football  game  with  you.

b.)  I  will  help  you  eat  that  entire  pack  of  double  stuffed  oreo  cookies.

c.)  I  will  get  my  hands  greasy  and  help  you  work  on  the  car.

d.)  I  will  not  complain,  for  1  DAY  ONLY,  about  the  toilet  seat  being  left  up  and  your  inability  to  aim  into  that  big  giant  hole.


3.) $50  for  a  bear,  $25  for  a  box  of  chocolates,  $200 for  a  fancy  restaurant,  and  a  12  month  payment  plan  for  a  Zales  diamond  ring.


If  it  starts  in  debt,  it  could  end  in  debt.  Keep  it  simple. Build  together.




BrainERCISE: “InFLUenza”

February  4th,

I  welcome  you  today,

with  puffy  eyes,

and  nasal  spray.

I  knew  it  was  coming,

I  could  not  avoid,

My  kid  got  a  cold,

from  this  boy  named  “Lloyd”.

Count  down  began,

I  even  drank,

more  black  tea,

but phlegm

and  dry  coughs,

were  waiting  for  me.

My  son  sneezed  my  way,

In  slow  motion  I  said..



This  is  it!

Here  we  GO!






Weight Loss after having a child/children…(When your body has mind of its own)

“If Body Parts Could Talk.” (By Raven Nicole)


WAIST: “I am so pumped for this! It’s GO time! Y’all ready?”

ARMS: “Huh? What?”

HIPS: “Naaahhh. I’m good!”

THIGHS: “The thing about it iiiiiis…I just like to cheer the rest of you on!”

DERRIERE: “It took me a LONG time to accept the fact that I stick out like a sore thumb…I’m fine where I’m at.”

WAIST: “Well…OKAY then! Great pep talk!” 😦 :-/

Unrealistic body standards after having a child/children, is just that…..UNREALISTIC. Getting your body where you want it to be, takes time, and not every part bounces back the way you expected. Love yourself where you are. You can lose weight if you choose, and look fantastic through out the process, but remember your body carried life. Be kind to yourself and to one another.

“What I’m made for”

Encourage  one  another…  never  know  whose  heart  is  heavy.
(5  min  writing  exercise)


I  embrace  with  my  words…
I’ll  love  you  when  I’m  empty.
I’ll  love  you  when  I’m  full.

I  share  the  whispers  of  the  Lord,
like  precious  honey  filled  soap stones…
smooth  and  sweet  to  the  touch.

If  you  anguish… if  you’re  in  pain,
I’ll  draw  near  to  you.
I’ll  share  the  brokenness  of  your  heart.
You  won’t  go  it  alone.

Together  we’ll  piece  together  the  puzzle.
We’ll  hold  on  together.
As  whirl  winds  engulf  our  surroundings…
I’ll  hold  you  down,
so  turmoil  won’t  blow  you  away.
I  won’t  let  you  go.

You  don’t  bother  me.
I  don’t  grumble  and  grind  my  teeth  at  your  needs and  despair.
I  am  you… You  are  me.
I  will  love  you  through  it  all.
I am  made  for  this.

Pretty little puppets

Showcased  this  evening….

are  beauties   in  despair!

Their  eyes  glow  like  head  lights…

but  their  strings  need  repaired!

Welcome  to  the  marionette,

where  you  see  the  pretty  dolls  dance.

They  follow  their  master,

put  the  audience  in  a  trance!

These  pretty  little  puppets…

they  sing,

they  smile,

they  may  do  a  skit….

but  oh,  don’t  get  to  close!

In  your  face  they  may  spit!

They  work  for  free,

carved  from  the  “cedar  tree”,

hair  painted  with  dyes,

cheeks  rosed  with  berries.

I  reckon  their  places  were  not  meant  for  a  stage,

but  that  dirty  master  robbed  them,

threatened  to  set  them  ablaze.

So  they  move  with  smiles,

that  have  been  engraved,

while  onlookers  hoot  and  holler,

like  they’re  in a  parade.

Those  pretty  little  puppets,

were  not  meant  for  a  show,

but  un-watered  roots….

are  no  no  good,

they  don’t  grow.


(Photo credit: Porcelain Doll Portrait compressed | by inLite studio)




BULL…..”Head First”

At  times  we  walk  an  insufferable  road,
that  is  paved  with  sharpened  rocks.
Time  stands  still  for  no  one,
sounds  of  ancient  and  knew  ticking  clocks.
Some  missed  their  marks,
others  stood  in  their  comfort
begging  for  a  ride……
Either  you  bull  doze  to the  top,
or  you  fearfully  run  and  hide.
Have  mercy  on  them  on  your  way  up,
while  they  are  all  dressed  in  red.
Steady  your  sight!
Do  not  be  distracted!
Put  use  the  horns  on  your  head.
They  will  know  to  move……
to  get  out  of  your  way….
Your  focus  is  of  a  disciplined  nature.
Those  in  disdain  of  your  matted  hide,
will  look  at  you  with  displeasure.
But  keep  moving…..stirring  up  dust,
and  let  them  quarrel,
let  them  make  a  fuss.
If  any  shall  try  to  get  in  your  way,
BUCK…  bulls  do….
if  you  must.