Home School Hidden Treasures

Since coming back to my home town…almost 3 years ago, I needed extra help making sure my son got what he needed for home school. A two parent home is ideal for that educational choice, but…IT IS POSSIBLE to do it as a single parent…if you have to. You have to be a little clever.

*1.) Have a support system.

Church is one, if you do not have family. Depending on where you congregate, you may very well find other home school parents…at best, a community of like-minded believers that provide spiritual, emotional support, and activity that your child needs for school and by law, according to your school district. If “fine arts” is necessary to have…..you have the church choir.

[Family…with discretion] I say that, because a lot of people are not going to be in favor of non-traditional education. The most critical people, are family. They mean well, and may sometimes help you with resourceful information, but that info also comes with a fair amount of “critical” advice that may leave you feeling indifferent. You need to have confidence, teaching your child/children. Carrying the responsibility of your kids educational success on your shoulders, is a lot……POSITIVITY. It is important to hear what they need to say sometimes, but take little to heart. The family that support you sincerely, will be the first to admit what they don’t understand and ask questions in order to learn more….they will also be the folks in your circle that find random info that they think will help, i.e (events at libraries, trails for hiking, etc.) They are absolute jewels.

*2.) Learn what is available to you in your area.

I’ve learned to look in the weekly advertisement magazines that come in the mail, within my city and surrounding areas. You will find local home town companies advertising their small businesses, which are useful for (finding companies that are suitable for field trips, volunteer work…) I found a small art studio around the corner from my home, that will give my son art lessons for a small fee. Treasures Everywhere!😍

Check out local community centers like YMCA and recreational centers. They always support the needs of home schooled students. My local “Y” has home school gym. This 2 hours includes gym class, free play and swim lessons….this ALSO means you will meet other home school parents❤☕. There, you will be able to set up, meetup days, plan field trips and carpool, swap ideas, TALK! Release honest stress that builds up during the school year😬😝😲😁😉…even share learning material.

*3.) Look for treasures

On my way to the store, there was a school desk sitting there for the taking. The previous owner did not want it thrown out, but was clearing out her home and labeled it for free. I adopted this desk, scrubbed it down with Lysol, and there it sits in my home being used for home work, crafts, and Lego building. 😍

If you have a passion for something…you MAKE it work. Change is hard, but your desires and hopes for yourself…especially your children, should NEVER take a back seat. Figure it out! It gets better.

– Rae ❤

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