My son is so “matter of fact” about skin color. Where others need for every human to be politically correct…he is quite accurate in his descriptions. The only thing is, his accuracy is a hard pill to swallow in a society driven by diaspora and the juvenile arguments about melanin.

This is him, when describing someone…

“Do you remember that man today? His skin color was peach mixed with a little bit of white?”

My response: “Hm.”

“That woman…her skin was the color of chocolate and kind of like coffee..”

I always want to laugh, because I think he’s a genius, but because he is absolutely serious…he will think I’m laughing, AT him, so I hold it in.

He describes skin color like the menagerie of colors in a pointillism painting, or, according to what colors he uses, to color people, in his Crayola Crayons.

We have finally reached that place in life, where he notices his differences…in terms of culture.

“What did you eat for breakfast, Jeh?” Him:

“Tortilla, beans, egg, mango and hot tea.”

Either people think it’s completely delicious, or utterly disgusting. BEANS for breakfast? Yes!!!😃 He has a unique upbringing. Growing up, we never ran out of rice, and tortillas were like “Wonder Bread” in my family. When I became an adult, I began making them from scratch.

Who were these black people, that ate “Latin” food, mixed up looking….can’t tell if Mom or Dad are black and white, have a unique way of speaking? We were/are the people that always check “OTHER” in the {“WHAT IS YOUR RACE AND ETHNICITY?”} boxes.

Then there is that *special section that singles out all Latin/Hispanic cultures, and I get paranoid when having to fill stuff out for my son.

“Why is this section separated?”

“Why didn’t they put it with the Asians, Alaskans and Africans.?”

“Are you guys collecting special data on Latinos?” I take at least 2-5 minutes on that section, debating if whether or not I should fill it out.😂…..seriously 😐.

I was raised up in Mojave Native and African American culture. My son is being raised up in Cuban culture, African American culture, and he is learning about his Native roots. We completely bypassed being “bi-racial” and went straight to “tri-racial”….and “OTHER”.

I was never forced to choose one over the other, but was always taught to appreciate my blood. My son sees color…and I want him to. I want him to appreciate diversity in all pigments and melanin. I never want him to be scared out of seeing the darkest shade of black, and describing how black that black is…..or the whitest shade of white and describing how white, that white is. That makes him so unique. He is the finest shade of tan….a mixture of his White Cuban Father and his Black African Am./Native Am. Mother. He will never have to choose either or…out loud, but on paper, he will always have that option of choosing…..”OTHER”

My Grandparents

“Mojave Bird Singers”…I think another tribe as well. (Pic. Credit fort mojave Indian Tribe)

Mojave couple

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