Sharia Law in America

I am an Apostolic/Pentecostal Christian, and even though I am not Muslim or part of the Islamic tradition, I believe in being as peaceful as I can be…..until anyone violates my Faith in Christ Jesus. I tried being fair and finding parts in the Qur’an that were peaceful….and found none. I crossed referenced verses and made sure they lined up from different sources….and I found more war and death waged on these pages, than love. I just had to read a fraction. Salvation,Logic, Love, Forgiveness, CHOICE, were not found. My heart hurts to see how much I am hated and unwelcomed across the Qur’an. And although I do not believe in Allah, I STILL love the people that do.

But too many, do not love me. Actions speak louder than words.

Yet, many Muslims AND our American Government, are pushing this Sharia law agenda, in plain sight. So will Christians be able to stop class and pray at certain hours (collectively), and it get recognized, nationwide…as the right of all Christians? Will Buddhists be able to pass out pamphlets as students exit the bathrooms? No. So why then, are we finding ourselves fighting against Sharia law, on American turf, and really no other “religion”? We need to start asking questions. We need to start believing in agendas, because they are positioned on purpose. I will not be forced to live under a law that denounces Jesus Christ

(Dearborn,Michigan)….Folks, keep your eyes open. I am touching this topic lightly because I am still looking into it. Our Nation is about to go through a fight. Awakened citizens are not taking it anymore. We have to protect our children from being forced to follow beliefs that many of us would never dare allow in our homes.

I was going to post parts of the Qur’an, but the only scriptures and verses my blog will support, is the word of God.

If you have daughters, what would this mean for them? How militant would our son’s be forced to be? I went through So many photos of Sharia law and the reality of it around the world…it is so demonizing. I have never been against something so strongly, as I have, THIS. I won’t even bother posting pictures….do your own research and judge for yourselves. No, not every Muslim is an extremist. Not every Muslim hates Christians and non-Muslims, but Sharia law and the words of the Qur’an do not promote repentance, love, forgiveness.

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