In a few pics…..his life changed eternally. 

We have spent our entire year having bedtime Bible studies…discussing the importance of salvation. We’ve talked about forgiveness and how we’ve been forgiven. We’ve discussed love, voiced our pain and those areas of our lives where healing is still necessary…..see what I won’t do, is allow my hurts to run me or my baby into the dirt. Love does not require the *near death* of us, and if it does…it can’t occupy not even an ounce of my time. And so that is the basis for this tired Mom. I’m tired of complaints about ruined love. The only advice I have left is…”Love yourself, then.” Forgiveness….renewal….right choices….and knowing when to let things go…let people go….and pick up my cross and follow my God. 

When my son was 7, he asked…..”Will you still love me even if I didn’t choose Jesus?” Me: “I’ll love you know matter what you choose.”

1 year and many prayers later….He chose Jesus!!!😌 (May 24th, 2017, Jeh was Baptized in the name of Jesus Christ) 

Acts 2:37-38

¡Paz de Cristo! 

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