Confessions of an 8 year old….(Confessing Sins)

As my 8 year old confessed his sins…I braced myself. He tends to come clean about things I never expected….and even though he faces consequences, I let him know how proud I am of his honesty. There is a safety rule in my home for my son. [No Secrets!] The reason why?….”You’re not going to be honest with me….and I’m paying for your way in, LIFE?!” 

That is not the reasonπŸ˜‚ Β‘PERO, VERDAD! BUT, FOR REAL! Jajajajajajajajajaj

The reason why I named it a “safety rule”, is because , confessing our sins one to another, blesses us with forgiveness and spiritual freedom (James 5:16; 1 John 1:9). No, I don’t mean to a priest. I’m not Catholic. I’m Apostolic/Pentecostal. 

Satan takes joy in setting up temptations for us, watching us fall flat on our faces, and then being the accuser of us, once we fell into the sins HE , orchestrated. After we’ve done dirt, we then are too ashamed to face the Lord. If we allow the enemy to cause us to feel guilty, he can easily take our praise, our worship and wreck our prayer lives….which by the way, prayer for the believer and follower of Christ, gets us into direct contact with Jesus……if the enemy can take all of that away (because we give it to him)….he then, is able to disarm us of the weapons needed for spiritual warfare. I MOST CERTAINLY, teach this to my 8 year old. Vital information that he needs to know.

Holding on to sin, is such an unintended burden straight from hell. This is not God’s will. Before my baby told me all that he had to say…he was so scared. He was trembling and pacing back and fourth, as if he were going to be condemned. It took him a while to get his words out, and here is where my patience runs thin. I’m the kind of person where, if you need to say something….juuuuust say it. But I have to remeber that he’s 8, and getting through one sentence of a story, when it comes to a child, requires an {intermission} πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‘. 

So after he confessed. We talked. We glorified the Lord in scripture and prayer, and my son said to me: ” I feel so much better!! Is it normal that I just want to smile alot!?” I said: ” ABSOLUTELY! You feel God’s forgiveness and love! You feel freedom!” This is what Jesus wants….our honest confessions and repentance in exchange for His forgiveness and freedom through salvation in Jesus’ name. It was so beautiful how it all ended as compared to how it began. He initially felt fearful. That liar, the devil will always use the spirit of fear to try to keep us from the truth (2 Timothy 1:7). Something so dishonorable to the Lord…sin, when confessed and when we repent, He is so quick to forgive us and blot out our sins with His blood. 


I explained to my son, that the word of God is our weapon and is our way of eacape when we are faced with temptations. I said to him, we can say that we are Christians, but if we don’t study the word of God and live it, it doesn’t matter what we claim to be. He then gives me one of the most clear cut examples. He said;

“It’s like having a house, but having nothing in it…no windows, no roof, no doors, no furniture….”

That made me want to cry. I was so in awe of the Lord, all the more, because in the midst of something that could have gone wrong…His spirit was with us, and He was glorified…through the confession of sins. Praise God! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

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