The Found: TAKE HEED! People of God slipping away, due to the laziness and comfort,of the church. 

(Romans 15:1) “We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves.”

Many of us have seen it…..the pews filled with beating hearts, excited to Praise and Worship the Lord, while others are thinking too hard about just being free in Jesus. Onlookers, curious. Newcomers waiting to see……

The church is full on Sunday. It is full of the redeemed, the babies in Christ, the well seasoned Christians, the lost and….

The heavy laden. The hopless, minds being attacked by satan, with the thoughts of suicide. Blood flowing with that last hit of heroine. Alcohol impaired attendance. And these are some of the people of God, whom have turned from righteousness, whom mask their pain and often get ignored. They aren’t the lost. They are, “The Found.”

What nerve we have, to be so comfortable in our churches, that our focus is only on the physical growth and body count of the building, but some of the members, are barely keeping their noses above water. We should take a close look at the congregation….a discerning look with our spiritual eyes. Look past the attendance, pay attention to the empty seat next to you which was once the place of a soul you no longer see…..

And ACTUALLY UTILIZE those census cards that you have people fill out with their information.

The church has gotten lazy and too hungry for popularity, that as long as people are coming in, then there is no need to check in. That’s wrong. That is Anti-Christ.

(I normally read from KJV)

Many in the church have narrowed down their encouragement, to the social cliques that they’ve created in the House of God, and mistakenly think this is where ministry starts and ends. Comfort leads to luke warmness, which leads to hell.

Many American churches especially, have fallen into a mode where, Sunday morning/evening we are “on fire for God”….and then we settle into our week, and mute out The voice of the Lord, and forget about our Fathers business, which is spreading “The Good News”. Our King has died for us! He carried our iniquities and sin on His Sinless back! We have NO RIGHT to live like we deserved ANY of His mercy. Yet, some of us give our time to those we ALWAYS see, rather than those beloved souls that we once saw, but somewhere down the line, their infirmities became a weight on their chests and stopped their hearts from beating.

Church, where are they? Who, are they? What are they struggling through? The blood of Jesus that washed your sins away…also washed away their sins.

(Mark 15:21) “And they compell one Simon a Cyrenian, who passed by, coming out of the country, the father of Alexander and Rufus, to bear His cross.

Will we carry the cross of our Brothers and Sisters? Will our hearts be grieved over them? Our Passion for Jesus Christ is displayed through our love. The problem I see, does not lie in the fact that “getting involved” means feeling the hurt and dismay of a broken spirit. The problem, is people think the only feeling that we should feel, is good. How can we know how to love and comfort, if we don’t feel or know the pain that others feel? I am not saying to be unwise and handle people on your own….but this is the purpose of the church, as a whole, to be on one accord.

We can’t be so busy DOING church…that we aren’t BEING, the church. Our churches need to be fully charged with prayer, as prayer is our greatest weapon against our adversary, satan. We must also dedicate time at home to build up our relationships with Christ Jesus. We can’t help others if we can’t help ourselves.

As new members come in, remeber those members that have been there for a long time. Go visit your members whom are sick…because they need us. When God’s people are down in health, the enemy uses that vulnerability against people. Some start experiencing lonliness because they can’t make it out of the house, others feel hopeless and disconnected. GO TO THEM! Don’t forget about them. Take them food. Sit and talk. Read the Bible to or with them. Go and pray for them. Go up to people in the church, outside of your circle. Get to know your church. Stop being scared to ask questions. Believe it or not…most people don’t want to keep their pain to themselves. But a lot of people that we congregate with are made to feel like they don’t matter, that if they arent what is popular in the church at that moment, no one has time for them. Dangerous.

Don’t say to them, if they return to your churches; ” We’ve missed you! Where have you been?” Well if you really missed me and cared, then you would have kept in touch with me, then you would know.”

We have such a responsibility to one another, to protect, uplift, carry, raise up in prayer, encourage and physically be there when we can be.

Never make the selfish assumption, that just because you see members at church, that everything is okay.

Continue to pray for one another, as the day of our Lord draws near.

No more laziness…let’s get to work.❤

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