Heart Lessons ( day 1)

1.) Love deeply but retreat to revive, when necessary…but not for to long. We live on borrowed time.

2.) Souls matter

3.) Give your all…but expect nothing. Jesus gave His life for all, knowing that some of the very ones he died for, would not choose Him. He still pressed forward….true love.

4.) Peculiarity is GREAT!

5.) Be slow to anger and being offended….HOWEVER, take good care of yourself and no when to politely close doors.

6.) “They” will always try to get a hold of you when you are on a path of Blessing. Pray for “them”, but don’t look back. Let Lot’s wife be your example.

7.) Love….is meaningless without action.

8.) Romance has nothing to do with real love. 

9.) Being alone does not mean one is lonely. Having the capability to personally grow without the need of an entourage…and enjoy that alone time, is an extreme Blessing.

10.) Esteem others more than yourself. (Philippians 2:3)

11.) Falling in love with Jesus has been my priority…..doing in life, what brings Him honor. 

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