From one small mustard seed….

When you begin living by a certain sort of faith, your whole mind process changes. As God’s nature and character are being established in you, the frame work  of your thinking grows daily….as work is put into it. 
 (James 2:26) “Faith without works is dead.”

Mustard seed faith, that is all Jesus requires of us when we follow Him, believe in Him, and trust in Him.

(Matthew 17:20) “If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed…..”

Do you understand what we can do with this sort of faith? We can speak to the mountain and it has to move, by faith…the miracle of Moses and the splitting of the Red Sea occured. By faith, Noah trusted in the Lord…..even when people laughed and scoffed, and his family was spared from the great flood. By faith, barren Hannah wept and prayed for a son and she concieved a son. His name was Samuel. One of the most awesome men of God, to have ever existed. By faith my child was healed. By faith I was saved. 

I do not know all things, I am but a mere woman always in need of forgiveness. I do not take pride in my own finite knowledge….but I give ALL glory to my infinite Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 

We all get there….. You know, that place where you have nothing left to lose, but everything to gain. I am there now. I have nothing else to lose, and those Blessings that I can lose, I will fight to the death for. This includes my faith.

 Our faith is built the more we pray, fast, study the scriptures and apply it to our daily living…this is a part of the work that we apply to our faith. We can’t expect that mustard seed to turn into an ever growing tree that produces more seeds, if we do not water and till the ground around it.

From one small mustard seed……

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