Peace in the middle of monsoons

(Isaiah 32:18) “And my people shall dwell in a peaceable habitation, and in sure dwellings, and in quiet resting places”

I just learned of the sure effectiveness of praying for peace before I speak with my son’s father. It is not that we are always combative when we speak….however, there is a reason why we are not together any longer. 

I am an expert at silencing the world when I need to collect my thoughts after taking a stand for myself…these days, that’s often. Because standing up after loved ones (this includes friends) have hurt you, has to be one of the most draining scenarios within relationships. People tend to take offense when the hurt they’ve distributed is not forgotten so quickly. Healing does not ignore…neither does love ignore pain. We face it, we forgive the ones who’ve done the hurting….and the hurting for the hurt that they serve ,afterwards.

Entering new chapters in life is like being the new kid in school. You have to read through a few pages before you find your footing.

I put up a brave front, but those around me usually have no idea, but a select couple. 

In the whirl wind of thoughts, conversations, plans, truths, lies, hurt feelings, broken hearts, healing hearts, solitude….Jesus is still my solid rock. I ask Him to quiet the storm….and although the storm is still in full affect, the rumbling thunder is muted, and I’m umbrellaed under His protection. Even when debris is flying…I don’t get hit.

 I have peace even when I am not supposed to have it. This peace that I have comes from the hope that lies in the truth that, the weather does change.

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