Have you noticed me?

The other day, at the very park that I and my child walk at and play at…there was a body of a young man found. He was in his car and had been there for a couple of days. A resident nearby took notice of this sitting vehicle. The victim was only 37 years old. 

What is sad to me, besides the obvious, and chilling as well, is how I am pretty sure my son and I went walking on the trail, and passed this mans car a couple of times, as he went unnoticed, by us (I have to say, thank God for that. My baby would have seen him) and other joggers/walkers. Apparently he had already passed away before we went to the park. No one noticed he was dead until 48 hrs later. 

As of yet no one knows his cause of death, but it’s a sheer reminder of how close the land of the living is, to the spirit of death and the spiritual world. Am I trying to sound gloomy. No. But this is what happened. This is what happens every day. While we are living our lives enjoying the day, this young man entered into his eternal destination…there will be no ending. Whatever choices he made on earth, has determined his eternity. His world goes on forever, while we are yet living on God’s grace and borrowed time. Enjoy life, but always keep in the front of your minds, that this flesh…this world, and our time in it…has an ending. God Bless and comfort his loved ones.

(John 3:16) 

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