Confessions of a Writer: No perfect parent

My parenting was nonchalant today.

I woke up with a sore body and a full list of things to do. My son had gymnastics…and I did not take him. We were supposed to go to the park, and we did not go. I was supposed to clean my house…but that sat on the dusty shelf. Instead…my 8 year old cuddled with me and played “Roblox” before I got out of bed entirely. He ate cereal and watched cartoons. We went grocery shopping. We came home….watched the sun and the clouds through the living room window, he played games, while I made lunch. I fussed with his Dad over an exhausting phone call. Then I wrote. I added to my book after talking to Jesus for a minute….and I was so happy with what I produced.

My refusal to live by an expected schedule today, gave me peace. My son was happy. I was happy. Our home was peaceful and not rushed. We took our time and just savored an unscheduled day.

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Writer: No perfect parent

  1. R. A. Currier says:

    I loved reading this so much. Even this low and high, and manic crazy time… (currently low again) and you had me smiling the warmest smile.
    Thank you for sharing with us!

    • predestined32 says:

      You are so welcome! 😊 I’m glad you enjoyed my writing and that it brightened your day a little more. Be encouraged! Life is tough, but keep pressing and living it anyhow! 😀 Read the Bible….scriptures on joy and encouragement. If I can’t get myself to read because I’m having a hard day, I listen to it through youtube. Getting the truth any way you can is better than not getting it at all. Hearing words of God will make a HUGE difference in your day. I will keep praying for you. Always remember that you are never alone in your highs nor your lows. Jesus is always with you. God Bless! 🌸

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