Sexual Relations!😂 (That phrase is funny and I am so immature for laughing at it.

Can men and women be close friends?

Church edition

It depends on quite a few factors; How close are you both? What is your history together? How often do you hang out or talk to one another? Have you ever had sex or thought about it? I mean, you can, but somebody wants someone. I guess the better question would be: 

“Can men and women be very close friends without being attracted to, or falling for, one another?” 

I should probably insert my personal answer, but I’m not going to. 😁😶😶😶

It might work for some, but then that thing called “sex” gets in the way after a while. Even devout Christians know this. Christians love Jesus but we still have sex organs and hormones…and needs😀. People can lie and say they feel NOTHING. But I won’t. We can tame those feelings for a moment, but temptation and biology certainly are our contenders and most of the time, if not careful…they win.

(1 Corinthians 6:18) “Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that commiteth fornication sinneth against his own body.” 

The reason why this is so dangerous is besides the obvious, STD’s, unplanned pregnancies, we create Soul Ties when we have sex. Because our souls connect through sex, we have to be careful whose soul we connect with. We become a bridge to whatever spiritual battles that they are fighting. If you are having sex with someone suffering from depression…you start feeling depressed and wondering  why and where it came from. You have this urge to drink and you are not a drinker, yet the person you sleep with is…

Jesus does not warn us against sexual sin because sex is bad…but because when we come together with another person, we literally become one and we share eachothers souls. If they are fighting demonic opression,etc. Then so will you. It’s that serious. We have all fallen short of the Glory of God. Not one of us is perfect. But there is freedom and forgiveness if we want it. We are human.

Take for instance, Pastors whom have had illicit affairs. Strong leaders in church settings, having sexually deviant double lives. And the church acts so surprised when they find out. For a moment it’s shocking, then you remember that those whom have fallen were simply men and women…Not Jesus. Many of these people assumed friendships without being accompanied by anyone who could hold them accountable and help them protect their testimonies. Being sexually attracted to someone is completely healthy. God Himself created sex and the perfect love. Jesus is perfect love. Acting on those thoughts outside of marriage,  however, is a whole different can of worms that get opened. (Philippians 4:89)

So do I think men and women can be close friends? 

We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love. – Tom Robbins

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