This day WILL be Blessed!

I had a bad day yesterday. Of course I wrote about it, then set my writing to private…not because I fear my words, but because I do not want to continue bashing someone for their mistakes, when like myself, they are working on “them”. I’m talking about my child’s Father. I am not trying to be THE better person. I’m working on being “A” better person.

I opted for green tea with pomegranate and cranberry instead of coffee…so I know things are going to be interesting! 

What has kept my head above water…what has kept me hopeful, has been the foundation that I’ve laid under my son’s feet. He loves Jesus. We got into a deep discussion yesterday about the Anti-Christ, today being like the days of Noah, Salvation, the return of Christ for His church, faith, martyrdom,etc. 

He is 8 years old. These are very valued and important conversations in our home. If children from around the world are being raised to fire off guns and bazookas at 5 yrs old, it’s imperative that my little boy picks up his Bible and  knows how to use it, and the power of the scriptures.

He looks at me, after I test his knowledge a little bit and says; “If we die for Christ it’s okay. It would be all worth it.” As a Mom I thought; “Wow! He’s going to be okay.” As a Christian I thought; “How vigiliant!” 

We protect our children, but it’s only fair to them that they know they have choices to make over their own souls. Telling them this in a gentle yet honest way, induces questions and it makes them think. A year ago he asked me; “Would you still love me if I didn’t believe in God?” I replied; ” I’ll love you no matter what.” 

Isn’t that how God is? He loves us even if we don’t choose Him. He is with us even when we make our beds in hell. (Psalm 139:8) 

I explain to him that Jesus is love so much so, that He has given us the *freedom to choose the path that we want to take. Every choice has consequences and God is gracious enough to explain that to us in detail, but *Loving and following God cannot be forced. We have to choose whether or not we want Him. Love can not be forced. If we are MADE to follow and serve God, that would be Religious, but by Faith we love and follow Him.

Today is going to be great! 

(Acts 2:38)

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