Community Living: ” The reasons why I will always be an INTROVERT.

WARNING! ( Content may not be suitable for men, 40 and over…unless you’re a shotgun bearing  Dad, Grandfather, or Uncle of girls)

I had such a great day today. I got some bills paid. I went to the store and went home, did some cardio by walking the trail. Good times. 

There he was! That stick that’s always thrown in front of my bicycle wheel. That step in a doorway that I did not see, and trip over. That single grain of rice that got lodged in my esophagus when I inhaled. All of these comparisons are the extent of how annoyed I am with this particular neighbor.

This man is close to 50 and  has this idea in his head that it’s okay to be attracted to someone way younger than him. Why does this disgust me? Not because of age alone, but because he knows that I am a young single mom…and would have the audacity to think that I would be okay with that, because he sees no man around, and I must be wanting ANY kind of man. That is what I take out of it.

“Single Mom” does not equate to desperation. I am way out of this persons league. I’m not a shallow individual. I am only 32. I am a new 32. My Mom is in her 50’s. 

It is a feeling of disgust every time I see him. In fact, he almost drove into my Mother’s car one day, trying to say hi to me. (I’m trying to avoid name calling.)

To every older man, while there are young women whom like older men, and that is perfectly fine (at an appropriate age) we do not all hold mutual agreement with the concept that; “Age is nothing but a number”. It feels violating even being looked at by this person. I get so angry because in my mind, when he even glances at me, he is not thinking straight and it makes me feel gross….like I have to bathe in bleach. 

Women get tired of this mess! 

You see me and other single Mom’s, and think that we are in needy and vulnerable states, so that is your chance to try to weasle your way in? I see men like this as predators. That may sound harsh, but they prey on a certain type of woman who they feel are in a situation permissible for them to make an easy move , and will accept them…..they could be ugly, and know it. They could be losers, and know it….but they prey on single mother’s. 


Yuck! When I see this person I think:”Are you serious?! Have you not seen my child? He’s a good looking kid…because his Father is, FINE!” Eeew! As. IIIF. I would downgrade! I don’t even qualify for AARP! But you DO!  (It will make you go there, unfortunately)

Speaking of downgrading, single Mom’s should take time out for themselves, after coming out of a relationship…because we don’t want to make the same mistakes again. This is such a serious topic. We want to feel protected and valued. This kind of bull makes us feel the opposite. 

I am always asking God for forgiveness for this feeling of disdain towards this individual. I’m disgusted, yet I feel so convicted for being so mean. However, I feel like I have to stand my ground firmly and not let up, because adults these days don’t accept the fact that not everyone will like them. Worse than children. 

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