The look of satan😈

There are 4 things that I will go in hard for: Jesus, my child, my personal relationships and my writing….COFFEE! How’d you get in there? Make that 5. 😁

He is depicted as this image:

In reality, he looks like this:

Appealing in every sense of the word. (This pic is simply for example). The world is conditioned to see lucifer as this grotesque creature with horns, a pitch fork and firey red skin. Really he looks like that handsome co-worker you keep bragging to your husband about, or that pretty woman you had an “innocent” conversation with at the store while your wife waited for you at home. Even that Jack Daniels bottle made your mouth water. He tempts in all forms. Let’s not forget who he is and the fact that God did not create anything in His Kingdom, or once was…ugly.

Lucifer is the father of lies. He’s the deceiver. Lusts for anything in life always looks and feels good, but at the end of that road is death. If it looks good then it must be good, right? WRONG!

If something is bad it is foul and putrid. So one will stay away. To this world, that’s the church and the scriptures. Even though that’s the very thing that gives life and life MORE abundantly! (John 10:10)

Truth has been replaced with deception from feminist groups fighting for the rights to make a life or death choice over the innocent. Equality movements, where there is no room for Jesus Christ.

I’m no religious nut, but who can deny truth, then cry for help when the time comes…because it will come?

I’m always annoyed at how media has romanticized the one who keeps souls bound in real life (Satan). He is the eavesdropper within marital issues, ready to flip around his imps to instigate. He is the divider of things that are up right. Yet, we sit by idly and try to act like life gurus, when there is only one way to freedom and that is through salvation in Jesus Christ. Thousands of books are being published as we read, about how to live a more prudent and productive life…and many of these books don’t even lead souls to God, but traveling further away from His light. 

I was so close to being done with Worspress because every other person seems to be an author of life and its meaning…but as lost as the next. 

The blind can’t lead the blind. (Matthew 15:14) If they do they both fall into the ditch.

None of us are perfect. That’s number one. I have issues with folks in the church and outside of it and within myself. When I say issues I mean, if I don’t follow the  ideologies of the world….I’m hated. If I don’t always agree with certain things Christians say and do (when it does not line up with scripture), I don’t hear from the Body of Christ, in which I am a part of. With me, every day is a battle. So I read the Bible…with my imperfect self. The only place where I am not deceived and I have a grip on reality. 

I will keep making mistakes. I will also continue to publish this material. This is what I’m purposed for. We live in a hurt world where bandaids won’t hold. 😢😫 (Acts 2:38)

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