Confessions of a Writer: Finding time…

Writing anywhere has become one of those essential elements of life that I have no choice, but to explore. I’m a mother. I’m busy. And this has to be the finest excuse to block out unwanted conversation. I downloaded a few programs to my phone ( pocket writers) to help me along in my book writing journey while I am on the run. I must admit. Writing while being at a location other than “home”, stirs up the most outstanding inspiration imagined. 

Another Saturday at gymnastics. I rolled my eyes so hard right now, they felt like they were going to snap back into my sockets. It smells of foot, sweat, and dirty child in this place. We root our children on and encourage their best, but we are all creatures of solitude at times….needing and wanting our distance from others. 

In other words: I do not want to be around these Mom’s today. Not today! 

Enjoy life!

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