Letting go of hidden agendas…

Haven’t we all been down that street? You know; “loyal” on the corner of “till the end”. Then we realize that the people we travel on that sidewalk for, would never move a foot in that direction for us!?
What I have learned over the past couple of years while treading through that tar filled pool of a demolished marriage and ify friendships, is that people sniff out vulnerability like a dog sniffs out drugs. There are 3 types of individuals in this scenario…those who will love you and carefully be there for you in your time of rebuilding your emotional stength. Those who will just take advantage of you because you’re afraid to say “no” in order to keep a fake friend, and those jack asses……. The ones who know your hiSTORY, they know your loyalty, and they care about you just enough so they are not alone with their thoughts and hardships….UNTIL they get what they want from you and where they want to be, whether permanently or temporarily, and you hear less from them, UNTIL, they need to vent. UNTIL, they need an ego and mood booster. 

They see you as that loyal “go to” friend. But they will not feel like listening to you for more than 5 minutes without speaking. Sometimes they will even cut you off mid conversation, or just not hear what you said at all. You bring a momentary calm to their lives because you are willing to listen. You are their *emergency ego booster*

It is better to be alone, loyal to yourself and own beliefs, than to keep being available to people whom take hot dumps on your worth. Friendships and relationships are a mutual construction. You are to build together. Not have one person building and sweating while the other is on the sidelines eating a sandwich and just watching. A person can trust you but can you trust them?


Unless you want your whole life consumed in those flames of heartache and stress.


When you love someone…even just as a friend, always make sure that same love is reciprocated. If it is not…move on. The pain will last for a moment and you WILL recover. 

Understand that you are worthy of love and respect. Most of the time people will let you know who they are right away….whether intentionally or unintentionally. Trust what you are shown. Do not try to come up with a different picture in your mind about this person or people, if they have already shown you their shady agendas. 

3 thoughts on “Letting go of hidden agendas…

  1. SDC says:

    Lord. Perfect. Such a danger when certain people know your history. Like preying on a wounded animal. I’m always going to say too much. That won’t change. So I have learned to stay on my toes for those predators. Still learning to cut cords when it’s appropriate.

    • predestined32 says:

      Tell me about it. I also say a lot….and it will never change. My words are often followed by action which means I’m loyal to the people in my life. It wouldn’t suck if those people loved me just as much. I am learning to let some go. For me that means I may not have anyone left in the end. I’m starting to become content with that.

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