To every Home-Schooling Parent: “Keep Kicking!”


Every day our personal lives take a backseat in order for our children to learn. Some-days are excellent, other days are high level frustrating, and every day is exhausting…this exhaustion is not always from negativity, it is often from the simple fact of constantly being available to other human beings, even when we’d rather not be. In this world of single parent home schooling, I am learning the necessity of balance and how much easier it is to go with flow and change up certain routines. Monotony can lead to rapid melt downs.

Eliminating what you don’t need….if I am teaching Spanish, rather than piling up a ton of paper work…we practice by simply speaking the language and replacing our English (it’s more effective also). I record his comprehension tests for the end of the year, and my paper pile is decreased. Worksheets for Spanish are at a minimum. I keep meal time routines the same 90% of the time. I live for “free play” moments, because that is my reading/meditating/tea or coffee break. I talk to God and tell Him of how awful I was during our history lesson 🙂.

By far, the highlight of my day, is when my son reads on his own, completes work on his own, and actually understands it ALL. My hard-work, and his awesome tolerance to his, sometimes “Tiger Mom”, is so greatly appreciated. Did I just say that my hard-work was appreciated? I did. Have confidence in your home school journey. You are doing this with a purpose.

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