One lesson that I emphasize in my child’s life, is taking responsibility for his actions. Those lessons are hard because we don’t ever want to be wrong, even though we are sometimes. The reason why I am so soul strong about saying; “I’m sorry”, is because it is humbling for an adult let alone a child to say it, and mean it. And I live by that truth in order to not be a hypocrite before my son. However, if a kid understands why he/she must say it, I expect adults to understand such an elementary principle. Adults will say; “Let that go!” Let what go, exactly? The truth? No. Disqualifying all personal attachments to this topic, the truth still stands. We have to do things the right way, we can’t go around it, and place excuses up for why we did. When there is a WILL, and a WANT, there is a WAY.

And I have learned to not be jaded, by believing in the truth. I certainly do not settle for anything less than what is deserved. My son made a mistake that may have hurt his friends feelings, so he came home and told me all about it….He was convicted. So we talked for a while. He asked; “Will God forgive me?” Of course He will! He already did when you asked for forgiveness 😀. We are held accountable for what we do though. You have to right your wrong and tell your friend that you are sorry, etc. So being the giver that he is, he had the idea to take a toy from home to give to his friend. I told him he did not have to, but he insisted and pursued that idea along with a heartfelt; “I’m sorry”. The boys exchanged toys, in fact, and carried on in their friendship. These little boys to me, are the perfect examples of responsibility, accountability and forgiveness. I don’t hold excuses up for children at a certain age (mental/spiritual capacity in consideration), I won’t hold up excuses for adults. We know better.

If we don’t train up our children in the truth, they become selfish adults. We are going to keep practicing these unpracticed principles, even when our regressing society does not. You cannot tell “B” to let it go, without telling “A” and “C”, to do what is right and true. Even when we bypass it….God does not. That’s why I love Him so much! He knows the harm and effects of not doing the right thing. People will place the blame on the hurting….because of what comes out of “hurt”, until the hurting do not stay quiet. I say, SPEAK UP. Call these things out. We are accountable for ourselves, but we must hold one another accountable as well. We can’t hold our homes, churches, businesses together with wood chewed on by termites. We can add new wood, but if we don’t get rid of the problem which are the termites, they will just eat through the new wood, and it will be a revolving problem year after year. Stay strong and put ALL of your trust in God. Understand He is truth. Anything contrary is Anti-Christ.

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