Like the Lotus.. <3

4 years ago today, I earned my AA degree in Business Management! Today, as I work on finishing up my Bachelor’s degree in Disaster relief Management, I am currently earning an (A-), Plans? To remember those countries that are often hit by disaster (and forgotten about) , with no plan in action, before or even after, on how to cope, re-build, manage diseases, start living again…….basically, I want to deliver hope to people on a professional level. My life goal… change the lives of masses of people, in a GREAT way. On my radar…..Dominican Republic and *Haiti.

All  of  the  dirt  that  I  have  been  through…the  one  thing  that  has  kept  my  soul  beautiful,  like  the  lotus  flower,  is  having  hope  and  active  faith  in  God.  I  have  hope  not  only  for  myself,  but  for  anyone  I  know  and  those  I  have  yet  to  meet.  I  physically  get  tired,  but  my  spirit  stays  hopeful.

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