What will it take?

These  politics,

are  crushing  views,

that  matter  to  our  youth.

What’s  next?

They’ll  have  to  sell  their  souls,

at  cheap  consignment  booths?

Too  harsh  of  words…

I  understand.

Our  country  likes  to  bark,

But  bite  with  gums,

when  our  issues ,

ignite  a  little  spark.

Nazism  teachers,

Racist  students….

who  raised  you…animals?

Pounds  of  useless  flesh,

that  feed  off  people,

like  cannibals.

Parents  don’t  know  how  to  act,

unearthing  plagues of  destruction.

Diseased  beliefs,

that  spread  like  fire,

another  generation  of  corruption.


Stokely Carmichael?

Mr. Martin Luther  King….

What  will  it  take,

to  see  a  change,

with  thee  important  things?

Where  are  the  Revolutionaries,

of  these  times  that  we  live?

We  have  become  such  vile  takers,


to  plant…

to sow…

to  give.

How  will  they  hear  us?

What  will  it  take,

to  make  our  voices  heard?

Shall  I  chain  my  body  to  the  White  House  gates…

or  boycott  and  shout  strong  words?

Shall  I  set  myself  ablaze  to  prove  a  point?

No,  probably  not.

Shall  I  stand  in  front  of  fire  arms,


and  risk  getting  shot?

I  have  spoken  much,

I  need  a  glass  of  water,

to  quench  my  thirst.

But  just  to  make  sure,

you  won’t  pull  a  “FLINT”,

you  go  ahead…

you  take  a  sip, first.

Conspiracies  are  theories,

urban  legends…depict  the  real.

The  truth  is  always hidden

in  plain  sight,

already  revealed.

What  will  it  take,

for  you  people  to  wake  up?

A  slap  in  the  face  won’t  do.

ISIS, invading?

Marshall  Law,

taking  all,

of  your  freedom  from  you?

I  won’t  wait  for  someone  else,

to  maintain  my  right  to  stay  free.

What  will  it  take?

Who  will  it  take?

It  takes, them!

It  takes, YOU!

It  takes, ME!


3 thoughts on “What will it take?

    • predestined30 says:

      I am so glad that you can relate! I am doing super! I hope you are doing well! I’m sorry I have not been quite responsive. I know that I should be. Running a 1 parent household, and then trying to care for my own being, is CHAOTIC, but I am getting the hang of things a little more and finding happiness again. 😀

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