6 thoughts on “Confession of a Writer…”The Earth. The World”

  1. kaptonok says:

    If only that were true but it is a false philosophy.
    The world renders death to to young and innocent, it is amoral and cares for no one.
    This is the Buddhist idea of karma which does not stand up to examination.

    • predestined30 says:

      Before you share your “philosophy”, ask what I mean. 😀 We read, but are scared to ask questions before we discuss our own opinions. That is the problem with our world. I mentioned nothing about karma. We REAP what we SOW. I am Apostolic Christian. If you saw karma in my words, that is what YOUR eyes saw. Learn to ASK, before you SPEAK. ❤

      • kaptonok says:

        Reaping what you sow is the Buddist Karma its just phrased a bit differently.
        I have no philosophy I just comment on the world as I see it.
        Philosophy makes sense of the world I see no overall sense in it.
        Thanks for replying.

      • predestined30 says:

        It’s not a Buddhist belief, it is a Christian belief that is in the Bible. Even many Atheists know that. You can’t just comment on the world, without having the humility to learn something BEYOND what YOU see, before you comment. Question. Ask. Learn. Many times there is more to life than what meets the eye. We learn quickly how our personal views do not even touch the surface of how things really are.
        Your welcome! 😀

      • kaptonok says:

        Thankyou for your answer. I’m not an atheist they have come to certain conclusions. I’m a live and let live agnostic. I do not claim to know how things are but I know there are a multitude of people who do make such daring claims.

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