Humans Vs. Animals

Some of us procreate on accident.

Animals procreate ALWAYS…

with purpose and intent.

We  hang  on  by  strings,

we  suffer  alone  and  divide.

Animals  belong  to:



and  prides.

We  are  a:

“Get  for  yourself”

type  of  species.

We  metaphorically  sling,

our  selfishness  like,


Some  humans  care  little,

about  how  another  feels….

That  cat  you  just  kicked,

was  “affectionately”,

rubbing  its  head  against  your  heels.

Some  men  and  women,

like  taking  what’s  not  theirs.

Animals  will  fight  to  the  death,

to  RIGHTLY  receive  their  shares.

Some  human  children  survive,

on  the  whims  of ,

maybe  mom…..

maybe  dad.

Animal  children  learn  early….

that  survival,

IS  the  fad.

Humans  “Do”,  out  of  emotion  and  aberration,

Animals  “Do”,  simply  to avoid  distinction  and  annihilation.

We  often  say  some  people ,

act  like  “animals”,

because  of  their  ways….

but  even  animals,

can  keep  HONEST  composers,

most  days.

Go  ahead!

Test  the  theory,

and  you  will  find,

that  animals  can  often  have,

such  similar  “human”  minds.

(Who  is  the  GREATER species?)



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