Little Black Boys <3

Son: “Mommy……a lot of people don’t like me.”

Me: “A lot of people don’t like me:) You just keep being Y……

Son: ”Is it because of my skin color?”
Oh, at that moment, my heart started to race!

I had to turn away,

so that he couldn’t see the anger and pain in my face.
I felt that lump climb,

from my stomach to my throat……

Not much has changed since the Negros,
got off the boat.
I fought my sinful thoughts,

of wanting to hurt those,

who hurt him……
My conscious,

can be a beast,

not letting me sink….
but swim.
I thought of all the white kids,

who made fun of my heritage and race….
And also the black kids,

who heard me speak properly,

and laughed,

when my BLACKNESS,

I tried to embrace.
Flash backs

of all American,

women and men….
those old white folk,

who rolled their eyes,

when they saw,

his daddy’s Cuban white skin.
This prejudice country,

We have not come that far.
We still commercially teach,

that only certain colors and pigments,

can reach the stars.
Our little black boys,

are unfairly marked,

as if their beautiful shades of browns,

is the reason crime sparks.

is a maniacs mental excuse,

to use “black” as an scape goat,

for racial abuse.
Son: “What if my hair was straight?”

Son: “I wish I had daddy’s skin.”
A fire arose in me…..AGAIN and AGAIN!!!!
Me: “YOU are who GOD made you to be, little boy!

Daddy is Daddy,

In your creation,

God took joy!”
Me: “ You will NEVER be white….

and I won’t tell you a lie….

people are going to love and hate you,

no matter what,

and it’s okay to cry.”
Me: “Do YOU believe that you are special?”

Son: “Yes, ma’am.”

Me: “Do YOU believe that Jesus loves you?”

Son: “Yes.”
So understand this,

you were not an accident.

Intricately blended,


Your brown,

God kissed with the sun in the sky.

your make-up has always,

brought a tear to my eye.
Fearfully and wonderfully,

created you are,

full of love for the lost ones,

who are near and far.
You have purpose!

Don’t forget it!
God does not create mess!
Let the hateful

be your push to change,

Don’t let ignorance,

be your stress.
Me: “You’re gonna be okay!” ❤

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