365 Days of Resolutions: “Jan 4- Jan 11 (2016)

Slow and Steady.

I will savour each moment…taking in the sounds of the cold drifting lakes as they slowly move about by way of the winter wind, the calls of the geese and the subtle cracking of the ice beneath them as they glide through the waters…unphased by the cold, the sounds of the wind chimes, the smells of the air. I will take my time and not be quick to rush my youth nor my life. God has everything under control.

I am writing a little backwards. I wanted to post todays resolution, first, and then get to my compilation from last week.


Stand up for myself when I am right, but be humble enough to say: “I am sorry”, and have a seat, when I am wrong.


I will prepare myself more, for things that are eternal rather than things that are temporal.


I will turn my battle ground into a place of Praise, Prayer and Worship……where the devil can not trespass, but lives will be transformed. All for the glory of Jesus Christ.


(I will NOT be underestimated. People will know me for who I am, based on my words….followed by my actions.) The power of underestimating, does not belong to those who underestimate. It belongs to the underestimated, who will always prove the self-proclaimed “wise”, wrong.


People who try to intimidate, do so for the fear of losing their power…….though in your mind you are harmless. In their minds, your strength is mistaken for terror. People who try to intimidate do so, out of fear….(I will not let this world intimidate me.)


Being me is not easy……but there is no one better suited for the purpose….BUT me. (I will be who I am, and will only make changes that move myself and others forward.)

(1 John 4:4)

“Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

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