We all had lessons to learn and tests…..to pass (2015)

A list of my lessons for 2015


1.) Stop giving credit to people, for what ONLY God could have done.

(I have credited my change and Blessings in 2015, to certain people who could care less, if I dropped dead. ☺ When the truth is spoken out loud, you take your head out of the clouds….quickly.)

2.) That term, Narcissist has been a huge part of my 2015…..and then I learned swiftly, that a sociopath/narcissist, is also one who will refuse to take responsibility, and will base their  whole lives on being the victim. Clean the mist off of the mirror, and you may be stunned at what you see looking back at you.

3.) The truth is, if I can not forgive and let God heal, my life really has no value. Surely I can forgive, if Jesus was tortured for my hell bound sins.

4.) I’m not scared of you……..

5.) Dwelling on broken pieces, will not unbreak them. Taking responsibility for your spirit, your reactions, your joy and kindness, shows the Glory of God in your life. Anything contrary means, the devil still has you bound up.

6.) People will like you, as long as your filter has no leaks. If after you fail to correct that “issue”, only a few will be left standing.😊

7.) You were not that awesome young man that I remembered and loved…..and I am glad I found that out, before I ruined my destiny. Even friends turn carnivorous and hungry.

8.) If I do not speak up for me……no one will.

9.) Peace is priceless, and worth turning off the entire world, for.

10.) Jesus…..though this should not come as a surprise….You are more faithful than I thought You were. You turned my dirt into fertile ground. You used my mistakes for works of art. You reconnected every broken vessel in my heart. You did not turn your back on me…..and You could have. LOYALTY❤

11.) Ministry, MUST continue….whether you are up or down, full of energy or panting to your next destination. You keep going, because God has designed you for the task at hand.

12.) I am at my current location in life.. ..ON PURPOSE…..WITH PURPOSE.

13.) Nothing is surprising when it comes to humans. I have been more shocked at the odd behaviour of animals than I have been with the sinful nature of man. We need the Savior.

14.) The famous and fame seekers have their reward on earth, but Gods chosen people…. ..we bank in Heaven.

15.) If you knew how temporal this world is….then life would not sting so badly. And when it does, we know that everything has an ending….even pain, and for everything there is a new beginning.

16.) Love goes beyond words….even action. LOVE, is the LIFE that comes AFTER action.

17.) Time to put on a brand new pair of shoes……and continue this journey.

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