Plans fulfilled in 2015: Part 1


#1. This is quite significant to me. I successfully made it through my first Home school evaluation for my son, which determines if one is permitted to home school for the following school year based on your students progress…….AND I received compliments from the teacher who evaluated my son’s progress! (We had a long, and at times stressful school year….more than anticipated, but God is Good!)


#2.  I stood up for myself a lot more. I realized I had a steel backbone.


#3.  I enjoyed the ocean and the sea shells, and an unexpected reconciliation with a very important person.


#4.  Learned quickly, that family are those whom know your dirt, see your struggles and pain, and don’t add on to it, but encourage you to live beyond it……in other words: Blood is not always thicker than water. Sometimes blood can clot and kill you off, if not caught in time…whereas water continues to flow. But thank God for that blood that is healthy❤


#5.  I made the decision to not be ashamed of my downfalls and shortcomings…..


#6.  Getting to a literal place where I could have clarity over certain things in life.


#7.  My writing has grown in depths and I am not frightened by my own words, Nor at the fact that I may frighten others.


#8.  Telling people what is in my heart, even if it made me look crazy, lost, genius, weak and vulnerable. Some have walked away and some have drawn closer to me. In both cases, I have been grateful.


#9.  More quiet times…..


#10.  Hearing God more, and having a better understanding of what it means when He says He will never leave us nor forsake us.


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