Well, what about…….

Beirut and Kenya?


While everyone is posting the French flag over their pictures….need we be reminded that other places were hit with evil as well, right along with Paris. Can we also remember the innocent lives taken from the enemies homelands. We act like all of their people are terrorists. What about the citizens who silently stand for peace, the babies, the children, whom, if placed in the same room as our children, would do nothing more but play together…..but are all American people movie theater killers? Do all American people shoot up our American schools, killing our children? Do all Americans hide out on the highways, waiting to shoot at innocent drivers? Are all Americans a part of the ku klux klan? lynching blacks, raping children and women , murdering innocent families? Atheists, wiccans, biggots, anti-Christ, having some nerve to go against God, the one who gave us our freedom? We hurt ourselves and our own people. When others interrupt our freedom and safety, we declare war. I love my people, but disappointed in the way that we live, with no conviction. Even after these events, many will still stay asleep.

We turn our backs on God, and when we become distressed, we expect His presence and protection. SMH

God will serve His justice against ALL manner of evil from ALL parts of the world. He does not discriminate as we do. I pray for any and all involved in the events that have unfolded lately…..even the enemy, as God instructs us. On judgement day, God will either send us to Heaven or hell. I refuse to be biased and blind. If we are going to stand for something, may God get the Glory.

Stop blaming Jesus Christ for the evil in this world. It is called, the result of sin, and freedom of choice.  Walk in peace and love, even when you are expected not to.

I choose to love.


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