Confession of a Writer……Inspiration (truth)

How are we more inspired by secular words, than by the words of God and those souls who spoke and gave all for the cause of Christ? The same men that speak of the many ways to violate a woman through their LACK of art and talent  in rap…….the same women whom have their breasts hanging out, shaking their behinds and always sexualize every word that they spew out, are some of the same souls, who will go to an awards ceremony saying this:

“I want to thank GOD…………”

Thank God for what? He is not a part of that mess that is teaching our little girls how to be whores at 10 years old, and teaching our little boys how to be whoremongers at 8. Save your “thanks”.

It is not talent nor is it art, as much as it is, a gift being wasted. I have no doubt that many of these men and women whom write their own lyrics and poetry, such as King David, the Author of the book of Psalms and Apostle Paul, one of the 12 Apostles that followed God when He was in human form,  have been given, by God, the gifts of words……..but they(many of us) are using them for the wrong purpose. Our talents and gifts are not for the glory of this perishable world, to help push people further into sin, closer to death and eternal damnation, but, for the Glory of God… lead souls to salvation, save and rescue families, souls on the brinks of suicide….eternal life.

I am no longer inspired by some broken hearted man who curses out every woman through poisonous words.

I am no longer inspired by a writer whose disdain for the “system” , means they need to relate it to the words nigga, sex, or anything of the sort to relate to this lost world.

I am no longer inspired by anything nor anyone whose first aim is to create rage and riot internally and externally , rather than peace and consideration.

I am no longer inspired by many, finally seeing the otherside of things. I am inspired by a few, which in many cases, their words, and their names are often watered down for the comfort of society, and like the Bible….”quoted”……OFTEN…but quoted scripture is too sacrificial to follow, however, okay, in many minds, to quote. Well, this goes to show, how hard it is to deny (truth).

Careful! Lest you lose, your birthright! What GOD gives, He most certainly can and will take away, and give to others…if we do not invest, properly. What happened to many of these talented voices, writers and artists? And should their career endings, life endings..should they have been the way that they were? Perhaps if they would have taken the road that God purposed for them……perhaps…….

His plans for us, are to see us happy, loved, knowing HIS love, prospering, multiplying. Not devastated and binged out. His plans are full of life. Our personal agendas, lead us to exhaustion and our own deaths and losses, quickly.

Writing, inspired by “The Parable of the talents”, taken from the book of(Matthew 25:14-30)

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