Cry me a “river”…..because nobody gives a “dam”

There is a trend on social media, that even I was once captivated by………using unoriginal quotes not belonging to the user,  to speak ill of  bruised relationship struggles.

The problem that took me a long time to understand, is that, in using quotes to praise our own goodness, and present our counterparts as the “beasts” that did all of the wrong, leaves us as questionable characters , to anyone who has a mind of their own.

Even if they were the most horrible people, is it fair to claim that we played no part in the failing of our relationships? Even more disturbing, yet true……..we attract who we are. Think about that for one moment.

To consistently claim how kind, nice and honest we are…..means nothing. Those whom know you, know a bit of who you are. To the world, your proclamation of kindness through social media  is pointless, because it is such an impersonal encounter…to an extent, that we just don’t give a darn. You can say how kind you are a million times over, and it will mean little to me, because you are on a screen.

As a human being, there is a great level of respect for lovely people through social media, even an attraction to said personalities through writing, but the level of trust behind that must be carefully sifted through.

If one must vent of their broken hearts through writing… all means, write until you have your break through, but certainly arrogance should never be the factor. Through a screen, we are as nice as the 4 letters that spell the word. Those who claim their own kindness more than they need to, may have been told one too many times that they are not……but, why? Keep that thought in the forefront of your mind.

If you are truly kind, you will not have to say it. People will say it for you.

As I am learning how to be a more mature 30 year old, I am straying away from dwellers of heartache…..though my heart aches. Because, God is love and hope, not cruelty, unforgiveness and depression. Besides… we not make our own choices?

The most beautiful writing comes out of our pain, but it should only be used as a source of healing and salve for other broken hearts, not to spread poison and offend harshly, even those who did the hurting…..because God’s forgiveness is for the “wicked”, such as we all are.

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