You are more than your masculinity and security.

God fashioned you after Himself…

To lead and to guide and to make paths straight

To keep your faith off the dusty shelf.

When you drink from the cup that you share with the Lord,

You show us what real love is…..

That there is nothing, by  the grace of God….

That you won’t sacrafice and give.

Even of yourself,

you die every day,

to the ways of this wretched world.

You place your flesh under submission…

And in brim stone and fire,

Let your sins be hurled.

You recognize your shortcomings FIRST,

Before you recognize mine,

Because Jesus Christ… “man”,

Took responsibility,

all of the time.

You change the “you”

That hurts and kills,

To edify your queen.

In doing so,

You uphold the “one”,

Who’s crowned……

The King of Kings.


You are more than your beared,

Your taper,

And your dapper looks,

What makes you a “man”,

Is how you love your woman,

According to that,

Great Book.

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