All I’ve ever needed…..

In your mind, I left my imprint

In your heart, my joy lingered

Nothing would ever be the same.

In your plan, you thought of me

Took me out of the rib of man

You already knew my name.

You are consistent with your words

In your tongue, lies no deceit

You diminish my weariness.

Sorrow is a downpour, like raindrops in the sand

But you shield me, like the leaves of a palm

Those leaves become like cups to catch water to consume for my sustenance

I am always in your remembrance

By light years I have strayed

I have never left your view

You step down from your high place…

You come after me

You delight in my being

I need NOT, change a thing

You know me, from every particle of the sea.

Who can seperate me, from you?

What can take your love from me?

What circumstances change?

No one


No portion of life makes my “Rose of Sharon”, waiver.

We are forever joined as one….

I am enlightened  in your favor.



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