Cancer ๐ŸŒธ

I will never understand

Your process of elimination

We wait in coldness to hear that word


with nervous anticipation.

You run through bloodlines

And we sit like ducks…..

“Please don’t let me be the GOOSE!”

You finally choose your pick


She had become your muse.

In her bosom

You planted your seeds….

As we angrily watched them grow

Black thorned roses

In a flesh bed of lillies

Took way of her temple’s garden

With no control

As women

We are forced to remember you

As we weed and groom her crypt

But I can’t help

but want to hunt you down

I know that’s not in the script

“Stay in character! ”

“Play your part!”

We need to cheat this game

We mustn’t sit around and wait for this beast

To hunt and stake its claim.


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