The Great Commission…..” If I did not believe in God”

I sent my son off again this evening, to Bible study. I do not completely rely on Bible studies to radically influence his mind. I do however, believe that seeds of any sort…being planted, will grow. I choose to plant seeds of faith.

One day he asked me: “What if I did not believe in God……would you still love me and care about me?”


“ABSOLUTELY!” You are my child. No matter what you do, even if you do not believe in God, I will always love you and be proud of you.

With no hesitation, I responded to him.

“Even when I do bad things?”

“Even when you do bad things.”

“I do believe in God though…..I was just asking.”

I have a bright 7 year old. I am so rich! I loved when he asked that question because it shifts our relationship to not just love, but trust in the midst of adversities in life. We all need people who will not hurtfully judge us and to be in our corners, when our situations in life are out of the ordinary.

How we love, also shows the love of God. Our unconditional love is a testament of the love of God.

He tilted his head up to me to kiss him. I  kissed him on his cheek while the bus was arriving and he wiped it off. I laughed. I get it. I do not get sad or worried……that same little boy wiping away moms kisses, runs up to me every morning while I’m making breakfast, and wraps his little arms around me, and gives me the biggest baby cub hug, ever.

The Great Commission starts at home.



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