Confession of a Writer…..Mean People 😡👺

Have you ever encountered those people whom will smile in your face, yet behind the fence they are hiding and crouching down, signaling to their counterparts to, “shhh”, so that you will not find them out? Of course you have. We all have.

They pride themselves on being so kind…..others see them that way as well. Their overly zealous  kindness, is rude, because it is full of insincerity.

Two faced🎭….they act one way, yet feel another.

These people are so scared to be mean….not really, they just say that………that they will not always be up front. They do not realize that, not being up front, IS being mean. These kind of people do rude things to go around the point and the truth, and will make this statement: “Well I didn’t want to be mean.” They make some feel incredibly uncomfortable.

So not only are you mean and a coward……but you cannot even be trusted.


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