Perceived…..A different type of L❤ve

When your looks have faded,

        And your mind is gone,

May the memory of your character,

Continue to live on.

If while you’re young,

Your “objective”  beauty, is not a              perfect 10,

May the heart you carry,

always be the thing that makes you         win.

You may not have muscles, to keep           me warm,

Like an olympian,

But as we embrace ,

I feel the warmth of your soul…

From within.

You shrug your shoulders….

You tilt your head….

You sleep on a certain side of the               bed.

You rub your brow…

When you think….you stroke your             chin,

I appreciate the anomalous ways of          men.

You are more than your looks,

An object of desire……

You may not be GQ,

You may not be Esquire.

You are a gift,

A surprise…

That must carefully be unwrapped.

The packaging is held in splendour,

Then it is released.

The “contents” of God’s package,

Are inscribed and carefully mapped.

An “❌” marks the spot,

Of where your treasure lies…….

Another genuine heart,

Will unbury what’s invisible

To the naked eye.

And when found,

You are beheld,

As the greatest gift in life…..

You walk away with more than a lover.

You walk away with a committed wife.


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