💜Ad least we still have them💜

Meet Aonya…pronounced, (Ahn-Yah), meaning “sun”, in our Yuman language. She is officially a pre-teen, as of a few days ago. The most precious thing about this little beauty, besides her being my niece, is that she STILL loves playing with Barbies….openly , and is a huge fan of Monster High…(so am I and I am 30.) That is what happens when you are in a family full of estrogen.14439449918011

I diapered her. I fed her, clothed and bathed her from time to time. When I traveled a lot, I was always scared to see her and my other nieces grow at rapid pace and I would miss every bit of it. Thankfully, her childhood has been preserved a litte while longer. Although she is nearly my height and developing into a beautiful young woman, her mind is right where it should be…..into play time, into the books and into being a kid.


Of course I understand that all of this changes overnight, but while we still have them, right where society is trying to push them away from….their innocence…..why not enjoy them? One day, those barbies will get put up. Jump ropes will be hung up and childhood will be childISH.


She is a reader📚. An aspiring gamer🎮. She is learning how to interpret computer codes🎓….and this part makes me smile hard……she knows how to hack👾. I pray she uses that knowledge the correct way.😊

She is still a little girl, and above all things…”Ad least we still have them.”❤


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