“Bare faced Beauties”……who we are.

We are not lazy……We do not care less about our looks, it is actually the contrary, which is why many of us do not wear make-up . We are not insecure. We put effort into preserving our natural beauty……with the full knowledge that our flaws and blemishes will adorn our faces like traces of art, and will greet you along with our smiles.


This is me. I am 30 1/2. I do not mascara my eyes, outline them with a pencil to make them appear bigger and more doll like, outline my lips to make them appear more fuller than what they already are. Freckles kiss my cheeks and nose and above my left eye, rests a spot inherited from my Grandfather……my birth mark

Nothing about me yells beauty queen, but everything about me reads beautiful and natural. Diminishing the effort to put on make up, means acquiring extra effort to keep the skin healthy.  (Ask any woman who goes without make-up)

I exfoliate in the day time and before bed time, and I spoil my lips with honey/sugar rubs. The course sugar gently rubbed across the lips with honey, takes the dead skin off, softens and moisturizes.

Although I am still young, the crows feet near the corner of my eyes remind me of my aging grace. Although fertile, I am sitting at the crest of youth and middle age.

I still paint my lips from time to time…only a nude tint, but I stopped “covering up” and “bringing out features already the way that they were supposed to be…….years ago.

I love authenticity in men and women and find it most attractive, when we can wear our faces boldly within a world that dotes over a beautiful yet orchestrated face. The real beauty lies beneath the chemicals. I never want to forget what my natural beauty looks like. I am only young, once.


(Disclaimer:  Women who wear make-up are stunning and gorgeous as well….however, men do not always understand the boldness a make-up free woman has to have to live and love our natural selves….just the way God and genetics made us.)

5 thoughts on ““Bare faced Beauties”……who we are.

  1. foodlovershaf says:

    Very true, for a women that wears makeup it’s difficult to leave it but gradually I did it as I thought “why am I embarrassed of my real face? Why am I hiding it and changing my face?” I do apply makeup for special days but on a day to day basis I tend not to.

    • predestined30 says:

      Thank you for your feedback. It is funny how the difficulty is the total opposite…….because I have not worn make-up in so long, I feel out of place when I put it on, as if I am being focused on for wearing it incorrectly. You are right! We should never be embarrassed of or hide our natural beauty. ☺❤

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