Confession of a Writer…….Let them go🚦

Yesterday my newly 7 year old overheard me talking to his Aunt about Junior Bible study. He was so overjoyed to know that if he went he would be riding the bus with his cousins and peers. He wanted to go to Bible study. I could not say no. This meant him going without me.

Him and I have been conjoined at the hip since in utero. He is getting older and wanting to have a bit of freedom and space, so I am respecting him with that (with serious limits…he is only 7😔)…..without being a nut case, as best as I can….SAVE, the million photos that I took before he got onto the bus.

20150930_183929Agreeing to a picture

20150930_183843Sort of had enough

20150930_183711Getting antsy because the camera is still_ on him

20150930_183810Mommy, you said PIC”TURE” not PIC”TURES”!!!

As he left for church, this meant that I had a couple of hours of alone time…..Surprise-party-618x413

( pic source.

In my reality, 2 hours of alone time is the choice between a clean house…





or kicking back and relaxing. If my dwellings do not smell like Clorox and Fabuloso…..lavender scent, I feel incomplete. While helping my son get ready, I spritzed his eye ball with kiddy cologne…”Way to go mom”…..then I ended up kicking the hamster across the living room floor like a soccer ball, because the little ball in which he rolls around in is clear and I did not see him by my feet😣……poor little guy.

Best Animation Movie Characters (40)


I cleaned until my house was satisfying enough for me to enjoy….get this…a HOT🔥 cup of coffee☕. 😁😁😁

I sat, and reflected. I wrote and I read. I missed my child and ended up lying his pajamas out for him, as if he were gone on a days long trip, and I needed something to remind me of him.

I got myself to relax and not think of the movie SPEED🚌(with Keanu Reeves 😍…and some other important actors), long enough to enjoy my time to myself.

When he came home he was all smiles from ear to ear. He had his goody bag that he got, tore through his church clothes and put on his pjs, and said….

“It’s so good to be home!”

I gave him a huge hug and told him that I missed him. He gave me a bear cub hug back. And that concluded that portion of the evening.

When we “let them go”, they come back missing us even more.

(No animals or children were hurt….besides the eye ball,…but felt better, during the making of this blog.😁)

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