The Great Commission…….thought 1

I have been surrounding my time around those who have something of value to say…..not that anyone else does not…..but we all walk different paths. Ironically enough, each of our paths will lead us to the same place…..the judgment seat of God.

As this world grows more wicked, I grow more aware. My personal convictions are aligning my steps and my shames are turning into unapologetic cries of praise and worship unto the Lord.

I need Him. I want Him in my life…..influencing my love and sharing with me His kindness that I can share with others.

I can’t do this thing alone. I would be lying if I said that I was not little scared. I look at the news and read up on present day Missionaries and my heart is burdened. Even so, I was created for this, and as I observe my son, he carries the same empathy in his heart…………….there is hope even in the midst of persecution. I look forward to the souls that I can reach, give my love to, because I am called by God to do so. (Work in Progress)

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