Meet Guillermo 🐹

14433854868381Meet Guillermo!

This cute little fellow is a dwarf hamster, gifted to my son from his Grandmother, on his 7th birthday, this past Friday. This delicate little guy set the tone for the rest of the weekend.

Days before, my mother and I took my little boy to the pet store to do some exploring. He has a soft spot for animals and people……..animals, being filled with the most common sense, so it would seem, at times.

We studied the rats🐀

I was not very pleased at how the rats were studying me.


We moved on to the Guinea pig🐷

They almost seemed intertwined with a companion and inseparable,so the idea of that separation caused us to move along.

We were entertained by cats🐈🐾


I remembered how responsibility for a cat was nearly the same as responsibility for a kid… some aspects. As we moved away from that idea, we went home to have a juvenile yet engaging discussion about pet family.

A few days later…..this happened…………

1443428500817120150925_122805His pet hamster was adopted!


Twas quite a hectic day, as it was the day of his party. I had a million things to do before noon. My son and his hamster had me up at 4 in the morning. My son gushing over his new animal and new animal rolling around in his ball, bumping into walls and furniture, getting his semi nocturnal play time in.

Meet Addeline “Addy”, princess of the party that was not hers.❤


My ovaries leaped in complete joy at just the sight of this little beauty. She is the youngest of my nieces. At one point of her young life, she had no interest in me. Aunt Rae was quite the stranger…..however at the “grand ” age of 2, I have become a bit of an interest for her. As we took selfies together, she would glance at the camera and and see me in it, look back at me and ask: “Is that you?”

14434180864001144339708465511443398045667114433969477651Life of the Park party.

So in the end, as Saturday, September 26, 2015, slowly placed itself in history, We all left with memories of exhaust, happiness, a little more awareness of one another, a new pet, more smiles, and most importantly…….another year of life for the greatest Blessing that I prayed for and received…….Jeremiah🔥

Happy 7 Years, my baby💙💙💙💙💙💙


"Come on shake your body baby, do that CONGA!!!!"

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