Hold me….till it’s over.

entrance-to-a-mineNight terrors and raging storms,

3am wake ups

Seem to be the norm.

I felt a sudden down pour splash my face,

Then realized it was tears

From a common time and place.

Flash backs of that feeling of the lump in my throat

When man’s rage hit my spirit, like an out of tune note.

Lord, if I must travel in my miners car, down memory lane

I ask that You hold me close….

Till I know longer feel this pain…..

Until it becomes my place of strength…

To which I would travel

Any length.

I hear the creek of the tires

As it prepares to turn a track…

Like a haunted corridor….I wish to leave

But can’t turn back.

Oh, that feeling!

That pain…that jabs my gut…

Like contractions during child birth

That slow to heal

Cesarean cut.

I’d rather feel that…than what I feel now

Or the pain of a worked back

Tilling the earth with a mule pulled plow.

You don’t even have to talk

Just embrace me with Your arms

Hold me till this journey’s end….

Keep my heart from permanent harm.

(Photo credit:wisegeek.com)

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