30ish…….thought 1 (Young women🚺Old men🚹)

This is an informal open letter, from every YOUNG woman in her 30’s, to every Senior Citizen male…..(Return to Sender).


My ovaries are finally growing on the outside of my body (metaphorically speaking) , and my mentor called, “life”, is teaching me how to be a bit more bold. So much has come at me at 30 years old, but what has side swiped me the most, is after 9 1/2 years of never being alone, I am living as such.

I noticed something quickly, with the status of solo living and being a single mom………older men sniff us out and see us as easy game. They figure because we are single, mothers….this screams need and desperation. As if they are our rescuers of sorts…..our father figures who also want to be our sexual mates. I know. That is quite gross. I felt a twinge of discomfort when I wrote those lines……my poor readers 😉.

For you men, 40 and above, whom are overly confident……(there is a such thing)…..take a seat. In fact, let me cushion that seat for your brittle bones.

Many of us women in our first year of being in our 30’s are still coming to terms with that number . (I am personally content with my young age), but It makes us feel so uncomfortable and insulted, when much older men think that we are NOW right there with them. We are only 30. Just because I am getting older, it does not mean we are on equal paths. A 10 year difference is still 10 years. While I was 10, playing with barbies, you were 20, playing with women. This does not matter to some, this matters to me. It matters to many of us women, I personally came to find out, talking with some young 30 something year old women.

We are 30, but we are still young. We are not thinking too much about prostates yet, blue pills, and mundane living.We are 30, single, married, mothers…so upon knowing our age, and knowing that you are pushing 50➕, DO NOT degrade our youth and approach us with your elderly relationship and sexual frustrations. We do not care. Go join “silver sneakers”. And although we may be mature enough for your old age, many of us do not even entertain the thought…….so neither should you.

Do not bypass and equally insult the beautiful and mature women within your own age group. They have what you need and they are ready for what you have to offer…..happily.

We are 30…ish year old women, single, married, menstruating, counting down our next ovulation day, raising little ones..some older, loving our 30➕ old men who have what we want and need. When we are 40, 50, 60➕, many of us will love within those number ranges, but for now, have a bit more respect, and let us remain in our youth a little while longer.

Admire us from a distance. Respect us like your daughters, but do not TRY IT! 😌

❤ What a couple of weeks this has been, folks.

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