Golden Moon🌕

At last! The evening has stolen the day.

I waited patiently for the stars to play.

To tease that token in the sky…..

It strongly gleams.

It can not hide.

God counts the desires of my heart,

He times them perfectly from the start.

That golden moon whispered hello….

Surprised me when I did not know.

I gasped and smiled from ear to ear,

When I looked up and saw…

you were so near,

Yearning for me to notice you,

My treasure….

My wealth….

My promise anew.

If I could touch you just one time…

I’d wander in your beauty,

You would be all mine.

I would hold you gently,

And let you shine,

Mesmerizing love

To all mankind.

That joy…

That sweetness…

That steals the day,

Awaits me poetically,

Once the sun has gone astray.


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