Melancholy Dance👠

Waking up freely, to the morning chill,

Slightly rested…..A brand new day!

fully thrilled.

Sun beams burst through my window sill…

Making decorative spider webs glisten and shine,

Like polished, pricelss silver…

So sublime!

All is well in my thoughts and in my mind,

Until I make it to my kitchen, and memories remind…..

Remind me how I cooked for him,

Tried proving myself,

Yet could never win.

So as tears began to well up inside,

I turned on my music,

And danced with my pride.

With a hint of pain mixed in with joy,

Well, aint that what freedom is?

Life pleases….and annoys.

So I sway my hips to the sounds of Omara Protuondo,

Until melancholy fades away,

Like a long lost soul.

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