The logic of a 6 year old…..On Friendship

After some necessary vitamin D from the great outdoors, my son, thankfully worn out, says to me….

“Mommy, I am making friends with kids, so that you can meet their parents and make some grown-up friends. You need some friends!”😊

As sweet enough…..and perhaps right, he was, I could not help but to think of us as polar opposites in the social scene. This is him:main-qimg-3498dbd322268f919f487ab2a22f2e87

And this is me: antisocial

If it was  not for him living in my uterus for 8 1/2 months, I would wonder who he belonged to. 😁❤

I value intimacy in every area of my life, especially my relationships with others, so I will never have an entourage of people randomly around me. I love one on one time, two at the max. I will hang out in a group if I have to, but I would be the most quiet one. However get me in place with one other person, and I am extremely outgoing.

Oh, the many hats one must wear.

In order to not stifle my childs outgoing personality, I let him shine, and I love watching him interact the way that he does. Although Mommy will not become BFF with your playground mates parents, I completely appreciate the immense thoughtfulness. And I am always open to talk about life, with ANYONE that I come across.

I am confidently solitary. Happily me, all by myself and/or with a *select few, and I have consistently been the same for many years. I absolutely love people, but I know that people come and go. Have I become more of an introvert since having unplanned relationship issues……I would not say so, but it has made me more aware of others and more thoughtful when choosing whom to surround myself with.

Being personal and intimate are my friendship and relationship goals as I grow older. I have learned a few things from this little boy in my life, one is, always be ready to live outside of the box. Be who you are. Learn to take care of “you”, so that you can be the very best in the lives of those who depend on you and the health of your happiness. ❤

4 thoughts on “The logic of a 6 year old…..On Friendship

  1. ZIGMA says:

    I love the piece, some times it is actually good to be alone for people not to predict you easily and it is also good to mingle because there is a saying in my place that says it is while discussing with people that you hear somethings that you haven’t had before. It might be good information or bad information. For me, I have just few friends. And if you look at it critically it is better to have few friends.

    • predestined30 says:

      Well thank you so much! I appreciate your feed back and you taking the time to share your input. ☺ I am so glad that you enjoyed this piece. I have to agree with you. It is important to have your space, yet be around others to stay informed. I never thought of it that way.Thank you!! 😊

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