From within

Why do I hold on, when others let go?

I swing from a shredded string,

With no safety below.

I leave the key beneath the mat….

To let yourself in,

But the key is left lying cold,

And the porch light went dim.

I yell for you with no reply,

Until I’ve lost my voice,

always leaving room for you,

To call the shots and make the choice.

I live in this space called denial…at best,

But you’ve proven more than once,

That you’re no different than the rest.

I laid my sword down in complete trust,

And then I turned my back,

Before I could even turn around,

My own sword pierced my heart from your attack.

We were a team!

A team we were…..

Ready to inhabit the land.

But you lead me astray as you went the other way,

You fooled me with your plan.

But as we know,

The other half of  this story

Is completely  yours to tell.

I admire that you hold water better,

Than a century old well.

You’re a soul in whom God found favor,

An Apostolic King….

I have no problem admitting that truth, even without a ring.

You failed and made us fall a part,

But in truth, so did I…..

Because I know that God can heal a broken bond and tie.

But it’s a matter of choosing to let Him work,

The way we know He can,

Not leaving spiritual labor in the hands of woman and man.

No matter what direction is taken,

With all of my heart, I forgive….

I want the very best for you,

To prosper and to live.

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